The Warmest of Welcomes!

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Bonnie Pecka

One Small Pebble is a leading website and inbox magazine for empowering individuals around the world who want to make healthy change happen.

The problems we are facing on our planet are astronomical in size. It is easy to feel helpless in the face of these huge issues.  It is One Small Pebble’s mission to build a community of kindred spirits who believe that small changes to every day habits will ripple out and make a difference.

Small actions can collectively make huge changes in our personal health and our world. If we all have a few healthy practices that we do for ourselves, our families and our homes, those little things add up.

As we share our practices with others, we begin to cause bigger ripples and empower each other to even greater levels of health and wellness.

One Small Pebble features how-to videos with each issue. Home made products that are body and earth friendly are the focus of these videos.

One Small Pebble would like to collect and highlight your ideas as well. If an idea is affordable and the supplies available, your submission may be chosen for a future video demonstration.  This idea is so exciting! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Please join our community of many small pebbles. Together we will cause ripples that will influence our world.

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